Technology-oriented moves in the economy package

Technology-oriented moves in the economy package

The timetable for the economic reform package announced by President Erdogan has also been announced. Treasury and Finance Minister Elvanin the calendar shared by steps to be taken in the field of science and technology When it will be implemented has also become clear. The roadmap of the ministries and institutions has also been determined.

Among the regulations to be made in the field of technology, it will serve 24/7 “Turkey Digital Tax Administration”, regulations for cryptocurrencies, “Digital Agriculture Market”, domestic card payment system Transforming TROY into a separate company There are critical steps like.

Here are the technology-oriented steps in the Economy Reform Package

All of the regulations to be made in the field of technology within the economy package are as follows:

1 – While the taxpayer groups to be included in electronic ledger and electronic document applications are gradually increased, they can provide 24/7 service to cover all taxpayers.Turkey Digital Tax Office”Application will be implemented.

2 – as well as the Digital Tax Assistant Digital Tax Audit system will be improved, thus shortening review times, including tax refund inspections.

3 – Information on food waste will be provided via social media and other communication tools. In this way, it is aimed to increase awareness, while products remaining in the field and in the markets Digital Agriculture Market (DITAP)It will be brought together with buyers in the special section to be opened to.

Central Bank rolls up its sleeves for digital currencies

4 – The brand of our country in the field of card payment systems.TROY”Will be structured under a separate company roof. Digital (Branchless) Banking licensing (applications) will be enabled. the central bank will form the economic, technological and legal infrastructure of digital money.

5 – An authoritative structure that will lead the development of the financial technology field will be established and a road map will be determined for making regulations that will support the development of the sector. Fintek Strategy Document will be prepared.

6 – Fintek institutions operating in the field of payments will have access to payment systems and public databases operated by the Central Bank. Payment and electronic money institutions will be represented at the Interbank Card Center. In the field of payments, in a way that will strengthen Istanbul Financial Center’s being a global center in the field of fintech,regulation experiment area”(Sandbox) will be installed.

Software and Hardware Industries Presidency will be established

A Finance and Technology Base will be established in the Istanbul Finance Center to support Fintek initiatives. The Presidency of Software and Hardware Industries will be established under the Presidency to develop domestic capabilities in emerging technologies, encourage young employment and gain global competitiveness.

The use of electric vehicles will be encouraged

Regulations in the fields of fintech, biotechnology and mobility will be revised to pave the way for innovation and commercialization. Environmentally friendly (sustainable) and smart transport infrastructure will be developed.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be implemented. The use of electric vehicles in public transport fleets and service vehicles will be encouraged.

Youth Employment National Strategy Document will be prepared and implemented in order to increase youth employment. Telecommuting legislationwill be revised to adapt to new business models. Long-term internship programs will be supported in organizations where digital competencies can be developed.

A competitive and fair environment will be created in digital markets, and strong platforms will be prevented from abusing these powers. Regulations will be made to protect the rights of member companies that take part in marketplace platforms and offer their products for sale.

All actions in the Economy Reform Package Until March 2023 is aimed to be completed.

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