Surprising decision to resign from the Harry Potter game

Surprising decision to resign from the Harry Potter game

Harry Potter will pass in your world Hogwarts Legacy developer of the game Troy Leavitt announced today on his Twitter account that he resigned from the project. Feminism and minority rights The name, which has been at the center of discussions lately due to its divergent attitude towards Warner Bros Games He announced that he had separated his ways with.

Avalanche Software Hogwarts Legacy, the action-themed role-playing game prepared by Harry Potter, is eagerly awaited by Harry Potter fans; This news, which would disrupt the project, disappointed the fans of the series. Normally The construction known to be released in 2022 Whether it will be postponed after the critical resignation decision remains uncertain for now.

Hogwarts Legacy developer Troy Leavitt resigns

For the game Hogwarts Legacy Chief Designer serving as Troy LeavittHas announced that it has left Avalanche Software after the reactions that followed its controversial ideas on its YouTube channel. At the same time, the game developer announced that they broke their ties with the project and made this decision for a short time. tweet shared with his followers through.

I decided to part ways with Avanlanche Software. I have nothing but nice things to say about the game, the development team and Warner Bros Games,”Says Troy Leavitt,“I will be posting a video about this on my YouTube channel soon,He delayed giving details by saying.

Of course, this is not the first problem with Hogwarts Legacy. Because previously the author of the Harry Potter series Transphobic views of JK Rowling There were some discussions about it. Recently, in the game, the players creating transgender characters The allegations that he would be given the chance were reflected in the agenda. At the same time, Avalanche Software said in a statement that the expected game was not directly related to author Rowling, which created an exit that heated the tension between the two parties.

For now, it has not been reported in the media that there is a delay or a problem regarding the release date of Hogwarts Legacy. However, due to Leavitt’s resignation, the game may be a little later than expected.

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