Starlink comes to planes, ships and buses

Starlink comes to planes, ships and buses

Elon Musk internet project from space Starlink, It is expanding its usage area after starting beta tests. According to new information, the company is not only in homes, but also in plane ship and in buses also started to work to provide services. SpaceX, last friday To the US Federal Communications Commission made two applications within this scope.

Starlink doesn’t just target homes

The first application involves the increase of currently owned home internet permits to five million. The second application is Starlink It includes the permissions required to use the internet service in moving vehicles. In the application, the company requested authorization for the connection to be used inside and outside the United States, in international waters and on the air right.


SpaceX, on the topic “This app Starlink It will serve the public interest by improving the system and enhancing its broadband capabilities ”. Terminals planned to be installed in vehicles will be quite similar to those designed for home use. Federal Communications Authority The radiation hazard was also brought up in his application. The company stated that the devices do not pose a threat to radiation.

New application especially Tesla excited car owners. A journalist, Twitter brought the possibility of internet in vehicles to the agenda. On this, Musk, who responded through this platform, made some statements that upset the users. Musk, “Since our terminal is very large, it is not possible for Tesla vehicles to be connected to Starlink. This application is more suitable for planes, ships, large trucks and caravans ” said. Thus, the company Starlink plans have also surfaced.

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