"Starfield is uniquely positioned to succeed"

“Starfield is uniquely positioned to succeed”

Bethesda Game Studios general manager Ashley Cheng, highly anticipated Starfield and gave information about the development practices behind it. Cheng, Starfield he said that the team working on it is uniquely positioned to be successful.

Bethesda: Starfield team created to succeed

Bethesda and Microsoft making statements during a conference between Cheng, Starfield your team working on Elder Scrolls and Fallout They are uniquely positioned to succeed, as they have worked together for years on open-world RPG series such as. Cheng, “Today, Starfield team working on several open worlds RPG’sinde worked together. This shared experience and chemistry doesn’t happen overnight. “It takes a long time and it is a very challenging job.”


on the other hand Chang, The Elder Scrolls 6without mentioning by name, Bethesda Games Studios’un While talking about the upcoming games, it did not go unnoticed that the game’s logo appeared on the screen. In the meeting, where cooperation with Microsoft was also mentioned, the general manager said, “I can’t think of a better place to be here than on Xbox while working on our next generation games. “No matter how crazy the idea is, the Xbox team always tells us’ Let’s try it”. “

On the other hand, Cheng said that Microsoft has always been a great partner for Bethesda and that it was released exclusively for Xbox. The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind said he took it back to his days.

On the other hand, Microsoft and Bethesda This interview with the company presented some new information about the future games of the firm. Phil Spencer, your players PlayStation and other competitor consoles outsider Xbox Game Pass’e will be published on any platform that has, but edits that already exist will remain intact, so Deathloop’un PS5’e He said it would be a specially timed console.

Need Starfield, if necessary The Elder Scrolls The announcement of release dates for 6 has not yet been announced. However, according to the current schedule, Starfield will debut first, then The Elder Scrolls 6 will be available to game lovers. It should be noted that the games are likely to be developed for the new generation consoles and PC platform.

Source: Gamespot

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