Sony is ready for next-gen games before its rival

Sony is ready for next-gen games before its rival

Control A comment came from the developers of the game for Sony. It is stated that Sony is more ready than ever for the new generation. Developing games for the next generation consoles is considered difficult. Especially Control developer RemedyIf you are developing the game on both consoles, as does.

Sony is ready for next-gen games before its rival Microsoft

Remedy‘the Thomas Puhaaccording to PS5 and Xbox Series Developing games for their consoles was not as difficult. Puha stated that with the PS5 development tools Sony has released for developers, Sony is a little more ready for the next generation.

Thomas Puha

Running games like Control on PS5 says “startHe emphasized that it is easier in the stage. In terms of hardware, both consoles “fantasticIt is stated as ”. After all, game development is a difficult process and even more difficult for developers to develop games for consoles.

“Sony focused on something that works. Development software and tools were very stable / good. Microsoftchose to change many things. This is probably fine in the long run, but it was a big hurdle for us developers.

Because we had to rewrite a number of different things to take advantage of certain features. ” made the explanation. As can be seen from this statement, Microsoft needs to focus on developer tools on Xbox Series consoles. After all, consoles are still new and will continue to be developed.

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