Sony announces next generation PS5 VR controllers

Sony announces next generation PS5 VR controllers

Sony PS5 introduced new VR controllers for. Spherical controllers available PlayStation Move It looks more like typical VR controllers than motion controllers. also DualSenseThey also include the same adaptive trigger technology found on the PS5 controller. Sony will use this technology in the future. VR aims to use it in games.

New controllers are more ergonomic and advanced

PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move.

The controllers will detect you without having to press the areas where you rest your fingers. It will have tactile feedback and finger touch detection.

PlayStation platform planning and executive chairman Hideaki Nishino, introduced this device with the following statements:This device will allow you to make more natural movements with your hands during gameplay.

The new controllers will detect Sony’s new VR headset through a ring on the bottom of the controller. These, PS Move It will definitely be more ergonomic and more advanced than what is currently available in controllers.

Sony will test it with game developers

Nishino, “THEYProduct, Engineering and Design teams started with the goal of making a big leap from existing VR games. We collaborated to build our new VR controller from the ground up. Prototypes of our new VR controller will soon be in the hands of the development community. So we’ll see what ideas they come up with. “We look forward to helping bring their imaginations on the controller to life,” he said.

SonyHas not yet revealed the design of the next generation VR headset for PS5. However, the company said it has an improved field of view, resolution and a single cable to make it easy to use. Sony is not considering releasing the VR headset for the PS5 in 2021. However, it is clear that the company is preparing to test this controller with game developers soon.

Sony, features of PS5 VR controllers

Adaptable triggers: Each VR controller, DualSenseIt is similar to those found in. When the button is pressed, you will feel that tension in your fingers. If you’ve played a PS5 game, you’ll feel that tension when you press the keys, just like pulling the bow to fire the arrow.

Tactile feedback: The controller has optimized tactile feedback. This will allow us to notice every sensation in the game world more effectively. You will feel those touches as you advance through a rocky area or take blows in close combat.

Finger touch detection: The controller detects you without putting any pressure on the areas where you place your fingers. This allows you to move more naturally with your hands while playing. Thus, you witness a more ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience.

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