Signal blocked from China - ShiftDelete.Net

Signal blocked from China – ShiftDelete.Net

Popular encrypted messaging app SignalHe stopped working in China on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. But Reuters application still in China App StoreIt states that it is available in.

Chinese governmentHas not made any statement that Signal was blocked or banned in China. However, Signal’s website is unavailable in the country as of Monday.

Text message verification codes do not work in China

As known Google‘in Play Storeis not available in China. Therefore Android users were previously able to download the app from Signal’s website.

TwitterText message verification codes for Signal are currently available, according to users who discussed the outage in Chinadoes not work in. This makes it impossible for anyone using a phone number in China to sign up for the service. On the other hand, some users VPN Note that you can access Signal with.

Signal’s print management experience in recent months “One country, two systems” a region that was largely autonomous from the Chinese government before substantially eliminating the Hong KongReported to work in.

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