SIE invests in Jade Raymond's new game

SIE invests in Jade Raymond’s new game

Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs we know with their games Jade Raymond established a new game studio. SonyBased in Montreal Haven Entertainment Studios announced that he invested in this studio named. Raymond’s new company’s first game PlayStation exclusive announced that it will develop.

Jade Raymond two years ago Google He was transferred to develop new games specific to his company. Stadia The experienced producer who came to his service to prepare innovative projects found himself unemployed after the platform’s game development studios were suddenly closed last month. But the old Ubisoft The manager soon rolled up his sleeves for a new studio sponsored by PlayStation.

Jade Raymond is developing an Exclusive game for PlayStation

Continuing to work without giving up after the disappointment at Google, Raymond has now started working with his old experienced team for the first game of his new studio. At the moment, it has not been announced what kind of game we will encounter in concrete. However, according to the announcement shared by Sony, the expected project PlayStation Exclusive it will be. So the construction on PS devices only can be played.

Starting out as an independent studio Havenfound its first investor in Jade Raymond He did not hide his excitement from his fans. Expressing that he is very happy to be reunited with his former colleagues, the manager said:

I am very excited to return to my core and the opportunity to create a new IP with this talented team has emerged. Being an independent studio with the support of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which has a deep understanding of the creative game making process, puts players at its center and is known for its unique sense of quality, gives us the opportunity to push all boundaries.

Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond is developing a game exclusively for PlayStation.

After Raymond’s exciting message THEY also made an explanation regarding the partnership. Expressing their pride in investing in Haven’s future, Sony spokespersons, one of the biggest series in the game world He expressed that they were fortunate enough to be working with Jade Raymond, who led the development of some of them.

Both sides unfortunately for now Haven Entertainment StudiosHe avoided giving details about his first project. It is not known when the game, which is currently under development, will be released.

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