Shopping with biometric data from Samsung and Mastercard

Shopping with biometric data from Samsung and Mastercard

Samsung and Mastercard, biometric can be used with data credit cards started working for With the combination of technology and payment methods firm, technological work will be done on classical credit cards. Biometric controls will be provided on cards that currently offer contactless transactions.

With this innovation, it is aimed to prevent the use of thieves after credit cards are stolen. Thanks to a fingerprint reader on the card, it is planned to provide card and user security.

Samsung and Mastercard to collaborate on ‘biometric card’

Today, security is provided for credit cards with a 4-digit PIN. In addition, for contactless transactions up to 250 TL, the transaction can be completed without the need for a PIN. Samsung and Mastercard will jointly install a fingerprint reader on the credit card. Thus, it will not be possible to use credit cards without users’ biometric data.

It is known that Mastercard has been working on this issue since 2017. The company, which piloted for this, placed a sensor on the credit card that reads the user’s thumb. After entering the PIN, if the fingerprint belongs to the user, he authorized the shopping transaction. But Samsung, Mastercard made by biometric credit card will take his work to a further point. With the newly developed card, there will be no need for a PIN.

samsung and mastercard biometric

If the user’s fingerprint data is verified during shopping, the shopping will be allowed. Physical contact will also be removed with the new payment system. In this way, measures will be taken against the COVID-19 epidemic, which is occupying the world agenda today. However, biometric data will also need to be stored securely.

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