ShiftDelete discount on mobile phone accessories!

ShiftDelete discount on mobile phone accessories!

If we do not protect the phones that have become indispensable for our lives, we will high service charges We can come face to face with. Buying a good case or saving time with fast charging solutions are the details that improve the experience. In this context, between 15 – 17 March selected mobile phone accessories For Amazon Prime members ShiftDelete.Net special discount Available with.

For the campaign valid from Monday, March 15, 10:00 – Wednesday, March 17, 23:59 SDN10 and SDN20 You can use promotional codes. “50 TL or more for 10 TL discount, 100 TL or more for 20 TL discount you need to add the product to your cart.

Discounts on phone accessories for Amazon Prime members

Only per month Amazon Prime member by paying 7.90 TL users can have special offers as well as free and fast shipping. You can click here for registration and more information.

Thanks to the development of processor manufacturing technologies and the increase in battery capacities, the battery time offered by smartphones has started to increase. However, powerbank is still indispensable for those who use the phone extensively during the day.

Within the scope of the campaign, you can have powerbank models of various brands with 10000 – 20000 mAh capacity at an affordable price or Tronsmart WPB01 You can also choose a charger with a power bank.

Fast charging has become an indispensable part of our lives, in this context, various products from in-car chargers to Spigen’s adapter that can provide fast charging at the same time are offered to Amazon Prime members with ShiftDelete.Net discount.

You can click here to see all products.

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