Sega's strategy game postponed to August

Sega’s strategy game postponed to August

SegaGame studio owned by Amplitudehistorical strategy game Humankind The release date has been postponed. Game according to the new date set 17 Augwill meet with gamers in. He states that with this delay, the developer team will focus on perfecting the game.

Initially Engagement The postponement for the game, which is expected to arrive in the month of accessibility, recruiting, pacing, balancing, diplomacy, artificial intelligence etc. It will give some more time to perfect aspects like. According to reports released by the studio, the team identified playgrounds to be improved through community feedback during the game’s final public testing phase.

The team will focus on perfecting the game

Amplitude, to thank the fans for their patience. pre order explained that he decided to give those who do a few extra benefits. According to the developer’s statement, heIf the yunks have already bought the game, Lucy ve Edgar Allen Poe They will be able to receive themed avatar sets for free at launch.

Although the game is historical, it is real historical figures you will not play as. Instead, you’ll use player-made avatars that evolve visually over time. In Humankind You will build a city, research new technologies, build units, explore, fight enemies, expand and build territories.

A scene from the Humankind play

The important point here is stated as being able to change the civilizations you rule. So the game is an early age Aztek society, while eventually a French or Japan you can be society.

Humankind Digital Deluxe Edition right now on the website Available for pre-order. The game can be played on Google Stadia, Mac and Windows PC platforms.

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