Seeing the technology prices in Dubai, we were shocked!

Seeing the technology prices in Dubai, we were shocked!

We buy technological products at high prices due to the dollar exchange rate and taxation in our country. United Arab Emirates in Dubai technology, we look closely at the price of the country, we compare it with Turkey.

How about tech prices in Dubai?

Without further ado, let’s leave you with the technological products in Dubai, whose prices we are shocked by. Have a good time.

In Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates countries, the local currency is Dirham. In the country where 1 Dirhem is 2.10 TL, we looked at all prices from Apple iPhone 12 series to Huawei smartphones, Sony cameras to PlayStation 5 game consoles and compared them with our country.

According to the views of the Dubai price we’ve seen in almost all products with a sales price of less than 50 percent of the sale price in Turkey. However, there are some features in the products sold.

For example, in iPhone models, FaceTime feature cannot be used on phones due to legal requirements in the country. Still, technology products in Dubai attract great attention with their prices.

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