Saying 'I leave,' Apple took a step back in Russia!

Saying ‘I leave,’ Apple took a step back in Russia!

There was a surprising development regarding the law, which Russia enacted in 2019 and that requires some Russian software to be found in imported devices. Appealing to the regulation, Apple took a step back in order not to lose the Russian market. The compromise of the company, which had been objecting for 2 years, caused surprise. This development will be an example for the attitude of other brands towards Russia.

According to a high-level source at the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the government reached an agreement with Apple after long negotiations.

From April 1, Apple will use Russian software

According to the report of journalist Vedomosti Apple has agreed to comply with the mandatory pre-installation law of Russian software. From April 1, when enabled in Russia, devices such as iPhone, iPad will also offer native apps. According to the contract, Apple will provide the opportunity to install applications from the government-approved list with a dialog window during installation for its products that are being used in Russia.

These laws will affect operating systems such as iOS 14 and iPadOS, as well as new devices in Apple’s iPhone and iPad lineup. Apple announced that as of April 1, users can access new apps via the activation screens of new devices. The deal is expected to set a precedent for other countries.

Apple, Russia

Apple also App StoreIt is stated that he has been in talks to introduce “promising” applications. The list of available applications displayed during installation is as follows: t

Browsers, antivirus and mapping and navigation programs, messaging programs, mail agents and online cinema applications, government services application, Mir Pay payment system application, etc.

The company has also been at odds with Russia in recent years. He had seriously implied that he would withdraw from the Russian market in case of any “pressure”.

Whether other companies like Apple will also approve the deal is a matter of curiosity. The official announcement expected to be made by Apple in the coming days is expected to clarify everything.

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