Samsung's exclusive podcast player surprise for Galaxy

Samsung’s exclusive podcast player surprise for Galaxy

Formerly Samsung Daily serving as Samsung Free application of Galaxy made a new surprise for the smartphone family. There is an app-specific tool for users to access their favorite audio shows. podcast player adds.

With this step Samsung for the first time, they are starting to offer a pre-loaded podcast service on their devices. In fact, with the rapid rise of voice shows in recent years, it is thought that the company is even late. For Apple for years Podcast offers its application pre-installed to its users.

Podcast feature coming to Samsung Free app

If you own any Galaxy smartphone Samsung Free You will find the app preinstalled on your device. After entering the application Privacy Policy You will be asked to accept the agreement. If you confirm this, three tabs will appear: Watch, play and Read.

Watch tab users Samsung TV Plusredirects to. Read in category recent news while taking place; play in the option applications access is provided. But Note 10/20, S10, S20 and S21 if you own one of the models like, soon podcast player You will see an update containing. Then, in front of you Listen There will be a brand new menu named.

Samsung Free

The feature of listening to podcasts is coming to the Samsung Free application.

After logging in to your Samsung account, you will see a variety of podcast categories. Among them comedy, crime, the news and Sport There are options such as. For now, how many different programs will be offered initially and among them Turkish podcasts it is not yet known whether it is or not. But the company will soon collect almost all the missing publications.

Although not certain for now, the new menu to be added to the Samsung Free application podcast download option is expected to offer. While the application is only activating its new feature in restricted areas for now; It is thought that all Galaxy users will soon have access to audio shows without model or country restrictions. You too immediately Play Store You can go to the store and check if your application has received new updates.

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