Samsung targets the game market with OLED panels

Samsung targets the game market with OLED panels

Samsung Displaywith OLED displays optimized for high definition game content smart phone for gamers and laptop announced that it will expand its presence in the market.

Display manufacturer Samsung Display, 6.78 inch YOU ARE panel is used in the Asus ROG Phone 5, which was released last week, and more to those who make gaming devices. YOU ARE announced that he was aiming to sell screens. As known Samsung to top brands of gaming laptops, including Razer 15.6 inç UHD OLED supplies panels.

Samsung continues to make breakthroughs in OLED display technology

Vice president of mobile display product planning team at Samsung Display Lee Ho-jung, in a company statement “Our OLED Display has valuable features such as fast response time and less blue light emission suitable for premium gaming content.” said.

The new Samsung OLED panel is said to provide better protection for the eye. Samsung, on the other hand, YOU ARE He states that the laptop screen panel is especially made for games with fast frame transitions.

Company, last screen 120 Hz or higher, and specializes in fast-screen-swipe game content. Samsung is also from SGS “Uninterrupted Display” He announced that he was certified and recognized for its uninterrupted natural image quality.

Samsung Player Phone

Samsung OLED panel, From 0.7 millimeters less fuzzy length and 11 militiamen claims to record the highest specifications in the industry in two categories with little motion picture response time.

Samsung Display panel also blue light emission 6.5 percentfrom SGS, which provides users with better eye protection “Eye Care Display” He also received the certificate.

Adaptive frequency technology in Samsung OLED panel VRR He states that it can be combined with (Variable Refresh Rate) technology. If this happens, we are likely to see laptops that automatically adjust the refresh rate according to the video content in each frame.

Samsung Display, 2019’da YOU ARE entered the panel segment and to major global manufacturers 15.6 inch It supplies UHD OLED panels. Also, the Blade Stealth 13Samsung Display 13.3 inç Note that it has an FHD OLED panel.

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