Samsung detail on iPhone 13 series

Samsung detail on iPhone 13 series

AppleThe choice is between 5G and the new screen in the iPhone 12 series. 5G It was stated that he used it by the side. The company has changed its decision this time, providing higher screen refresh rate and lower power consumption in the iPhone 13 series. LTPO Amoled will appear with the screen.

Apple to use Samsung’s screens in iPhone 13 series

High refresh rate feature, flagships One of the trending topics among. However, $ 1000 iPhone 12 The series upset users by not having a high screen refresh rate. However, with the new screen of the company in the new iPhone series 120Hz It is said to support screen refresh rate.

iPhone 13 will come with Internet Recovery Mode

iPhone 13 serisi

Note 20 in the Ultra series and more recently Asus Rog 5that we are used to seeing in LTPO screen; According to the report presented by The Elec, it will also be featured in Apple’s new iPhones.

The main reason for the company to switch from normal OLED screens to LTPO screens is that such screens consume less power It is stated that the cause. What’s more, by consuming less power, the screen refresh rate to 120Hz The ability to take off makes this screen attractive.

iPhone 13 serisi

The Elec’in In another report he presented Samsung Display’in; He states that the A3 factory will be transformed to produce LTPO panels. LTPOprecise control of the frame rate unlike other displays; It was originally developed for the Apple Watch series as it allows for fast opening and uses less power. The biggest disadvantage is that the production of these new panels is that it is difficult. Thus, the capacity of the A3 factory’s production line is increased from 105,000 panels per month. 70.000’e will fall.

The expected display features of the iPhone 13 series

  • iPhone 13Mini : 5.4 inch LTPS display, 60 Hz refresh rate
  • iPhone 13 : 6.1 inch LTPS display, 60 Hz refresh rate
  • iPhone 13Pro : 6.1 inch LTPO screen, 120 Hz refresh rate
  • iPhone 13Pro Max : 6.7 inch LTPO display, 120 Hz refresh rate

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