Sad news from Final Fantasy XI: Canceled

Sad news from Final Fantasy XI: Canceled

Square Enix’in PC and car focusing on online games for South Korean-Japanese developing with Nexon, a publisher Final Fantasy XI Reboot version has been officially canceled. GameSpotAccording to the rumors that the project is dead December 2020has been around since.

However, the information has only just been clarified, as companies refused to comment at that time. Gamebiz, Nexon‘a February 9During the financial results briefing in, he stated that he approved the cancellation.

The project was announced in 2015

Square before releasing the original game to Xbox 360 players 2002 in the year PS2 and Windows PCone for MMORPG published as. After the reboot version was announced in 2015, the developers didn’t mention it much.

The plan was to create a version of the game for mobile devices. Game, Final Fantasy XI Reboot as 2016It would release in. However, that never happened, and after five years of development it became clear that it would never happen.

Nexon did not explain the reason behind the cancellation. However, the companies are thought to have canceled the Reboot version after deciding that it would not meet the quality standards expected by Final Fantasy fans.

It is stated that companies have already assigned their employees who are involved in restarting to other projects.

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