Rockstar Games thanked the GTA Online player

Rockstar Games thanked the GTA Online player

The loading times of GTA Online can be annoying. It happens that some players wait tens of minutes. T0st a mod developer nicknamed GTA Online cut load time by 70 percent one the mod had developed. GTA Onlinewhile entering 1.984.531.500 load of items. Trying to load so many items means tens of minutes of yours will be spent on the loading screen. The length of loading times was due to the JSON file. 1 billionprocessing information of more than one item one by one. JSON writes into the file. Since this process is between the server and your computer, you are faced with a long loading screen. Thanks to the mod developed by T0st, only the JSON file can be inserted in the first opening. 63.000 It is entering the information of pieces.

Rockstar Games officially brings T0st’s mod to the game

Rockstar Gameswas expected to impose a sanction on players using this mod. Contrary to thoughts Rockstar GamesThanks to T0st for the mod he developed and stated that they will officially add it to the game.

Rockstar GamesThe statement made by the company is as follows: “After a comprehensive research, the actor (t0st) GTA Online‘in PC version We can verify that it has developed some of the game code that can be optimized for loading times. As a result of this improved mod, we made some changes in the upcoming update. “

Rockstar Gamesdid not specify when the update will occur. In addition, with the mod developed by t0st, the loading time 70 percent He stated that the rate was shortened. Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed this load time. Finally Rockstar Gamesstated that he was in a communication with t0st.

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