Riot Games ends its harassment investigation

Riot Games ends its harassment investigation

Riot Games, CEO’luk on duty Nicolo Laurent’in with former employees Sharon O ‘Donnell’e against abuse and decided to end the investigation into the allegations of discrimination. The company also stated that there is no concrete evidence regarding the allegations in question.

Riot Games closes allegation of harassment saying ‘no evidence’

Riot Games made by in the statementthat they have reviewed the results of the investigation, but Laurent’in THEDonnell’e He said there was no evidence of allegations of harassing, discriminating, or attempting retaliation against people. Established on the subject special committee Nicolo expressing their trust in leadership CEO He stated that there is no need to take any action about him.


Nicono Laurent CEO’luk While he will continue his duty, Riot a summary of the investigation from the front and Laurent’in A letter was issued containing their views. Washington Post to claim According to the firm, from the court THE’ Donnell to speed up the arbitration of the case filed earlier this year. On the other hand, committee officials said they would demand a reopening of the case if new evidence becomes available. HE’ Donnell’s His lawyer did not respond to requests for comment on the outcome of the investigation.

Valuing and League of Legends Riot, the studio behind massive games such as the one, launched an investigation against Laurent following a harassment case. A former executive assistant THE’ Donnell, Laurent’in He claimed that he had made inappropriate remarks about his gender and made derogatory comments. The manager also CEO’nun He also argued that he was sent from the company after he refused his sexual approach. If Riot Abuse lived all Riot “We encourage employees to feel safe while reporting this”, encouraging them to be open.

Following this case, several employees also alleging widespread discrimination and harassment in the studio Riot’u He had invited him to apologize. For O’Donnell’in In addition to the case, Riot Games is currently trying to resolve another gender discrimination complaint. Alienware While it was claimed that the company terminated its partnership with Riot after the allegations, no statement came from the company.

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