Renewed Skoda Kodiaq to be unveiled on April 13

Renewed Skoda Kodiaq to be unveiled on April 13

Skoda, 2016 and worldwide In 60 markets offered for sale Kodiaq It has come to the end of the mid-term renewal preparations. you and back The model that received some updates on its side 13 Nisan’da will be launched. Czech automaker The official drawings released by the company show design updates for the mid-size SUV.

The most striking innovations among the updates made, a redesigned hood, steeper grid and slim LED headlights is happening. Also mounted below in the pictures posted fog lamps, L shaped new bumper with larger lower air intake and aluminum look include details.

Skoda Kodiaq not backing down in competition

In the SUV, whose taillights are thinner than the previous one, instead of the normal logo of the brand at the rear, it is in the center of the tailgate.Skoda”Is written. also “Kodiaq” Let’s note that the logo has also been moved from the right to the left.

The updated model is also mounted on the ceiling spoyler it looks a little bit bigger. Yet 2021 of the Kodiaq There is no image of the cabin. However, according to estimates, some changes will be made in the flooring. In addition, a new car infotainment system and digital indicator The future of the group is also forecasted.

2021 model Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda KodiaqSeveral updates are also expected in the powertrain section. Likely to have high power in Skoda’s new Kodiaq gasoline and diesel engines it is thought to continue to offer.

How did you find Skoda’s renewed SUV? Do you think it can compete with cars in its segment? You can share your ideas with us in the comments.

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