Renault joins new logo rush

Renault joins new logo rush

The automobile market emerging with a new design approach, 2D logo draws attention with its designs. Renaulution introducing concept cars at the event Renault, Inspired by the logo he introduced in 1925, he appeared before us with his new logo.

Renault unveils its new logo

Skoda, Nissan, Kia, General Motors and Peugeot Later, Renault appeared before the car enthusiasts with its new logo. Car manufacturers, who introduced their new logos with electric vehicle breakthroughs, draw attention with radical changes.

Renault is on the agenda with its new logo

New logo introduced by Renault

Gilles Vidal, Design Director of Renault, ” Renault 5 model was a difficult process for us. The positive feedback we received about the logo enabled the logo change to progress rapidly. The reactions we got were really motivating. ”Used expressions.

Of the company Introduced in 1925 It is described as the renewed version of the logo, which used the diamond shape for the first time, with today’s design approach. The horizontal stripes featured in the first design with a diamond form were gradually removed in 1972.

Firstly ZOE The logo that appears on the model, From 2024 it will then be featured in all Renault models. As in other companies 2D design The new logo, which has the understanding, was liked by many people.

Stating that one of the biggest reasons of the change is the electric vehicle reform and the new design trend, analysts stated that the remaining automobile manufacturers will face similar changes.

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