Apple will increase user privacy with iOS 14.5

Red card from Apple to non-transparent apps

iOS 14 Emphasizing the importance of user privacy, Apple will be stricter on practices that violate privacy. According to Forbes claim, the company transparency rules infringing practices refused their updates.

Apple revisits transparency rules with iOS 14.5

Apple, data privacy because he has strict rules about Facebook, WhatsApp and is having trouble with apps like Instagram.

Apple will improve user privacy with iOS 14.5

With iOS 14.5, users will be able to turn off the data tracking feature that apps use to show pinpoint ads. Providing tracking user data workarounds too The disabling new feature caused some application developers to have trouble publishing updates.

Twitter is on the same side with Apple on iOS 14

Some application developers announced that application updates were declined with the message “Your application has some code snippets to track users.”

Software version, the time elapsed since the last update, Data such as charge level and battery status are also included as personal information. Mobile marketing analyst Eric Seufert, “Mobile analysis application Adjust, It is having problems because of the SDK that devices created to save their fingerprint. Many developers say they got an update rejection due to the Adjust SDK. “He used his statements. Adjust, because of the problem experienced. processor model, phone memory, charge status and battery level Updated its SDK to remove code that accesses data such as. Apple wants to prevent applications from obtaining data from users without permission, advertising ID (IDFA) has activated the feature. Other user tracking methods will be deemed to be rejected when users turn off the IDFA feature offered by the applications. It is not yet known when the iOS 14.5 version will be released. Some analysts say Apple’s transparency feature, which will come into our lives with iOS 14.5. At the WWDC21 event He states that he will introduce.

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