PUBG Mobile storm does not stop: new record has arrived

PUBG Mobile storm does not stop: new record has arrived

The game that has taken the game world by storm since its release. PUBG, It carried this success to mobile platforms in a short time. Of the game iOS and Android versions were released in 2018. The production, which has ranked number one since its release, managed to remain among the most popular games by defying the time. PUBG Mobile, It reached more than one billion downloads worldwide.

PUBG Mobile team thanked the players

Description of the game Turkey’picture in Twitter It came from the account. Sharing β€œPlayers, it’s our turn to level up! PUBG Mobile has reached over a billion downloads worldwide ” It was said. The company, which also published a video, thanked the players. Preparing to celebrate the third year of the play, the studio celebrated its success with a new record.

A similar statement is the studio’s CEO Changan Kim’den came. Again Twitter Kim, who posted a video on it, thanked all the players for this success and celebrated the third year of the game. Kim, He also stated that they will continue to rewrite the history of mobile games by making innovations. You can find the whole video in question below.

New game on the way

The game, which has been at the top since its release, has achieved great success in a short time. However, it seems that despite this success, a sequel is on the way. Recently released trailer PUBG New Statehas started accepting pre-registrations. PUBG Mobile 2 This game, which we can define as, appears as a different production, although it is not mentioned twice. It is a matter of curiosity how successful the game, which is expected to be released in 2021, will be.

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