PUBG Mobile breaks billions of dollars revenue record

PUBG Mobile breaks billions of dollars revenue record

Popular Battle Royale game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile continues to break records. In 2018 iOS and Android The production that comes to the operating systems brings extraordinary revenues to the publishing company.

Developer company TencentSince PUBG Mobile came out More than 1 billion downloads confirmed that it had arrived. Battle Royale Among the games, this production stands out as the third most downloaded game. At the same time, the company adds that these figures include users outside of China.

With users in China possibly PUBG Mobile achieves much higher download numbers. One of the biggest factors in making the game so popular is that it is free. But in the making, as we are familiar from many other similar games, in-game purchases takes place. The producer company earns billions of dollars in revenue this way. Although these figures have not been disclosed so far, the new reports shared reveal the truth.

Revenue of $ 5.1 billion from in-game purchases

With the COVID-19 pandemic PUBG Mobile has become much more playable. At the same time, the rate of income increased considerably during this period. The company is only about daily, thanks to player spending 7.4 million dollars started to win. Total figure in the first quarter of 2021 709 million dollars he saw. Also the Chinese version of the game Games For Peace when it is released; producers saw that they earned the most market revenue from here.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile generated $ 5.1 billion in in-game purchases.

So far PUBG Mobile is in total $ 5.1 billion grossed out. Of these numbers 55.4 percentprovided from iOS devices. The company thanks to the App Store 2.8 billion dollars won. When the company deductions are calculated, this money 81.6 percentHe placed his safe in his safe.

PUBG Mobile 2 coming soon

The game, which has been talked about since the first day, will soon meet its fans with a new version. PUBG Mobile 2 the construction described as New State It will come to application stores with the name. The game, which will pass in 2051, will include new maps, new generation weapons and equipment such as drones.

PUBG New State It will probably be on the market this year. What about your new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds What are your thoughts about the game? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

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