PUBG Lite says goodbye next month

PUBG Lite says goodbye next month

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According to the latest information, at the end of April PUBG LiteAccess to will be denied. 30 Mart’tan From now on, the download option of the game will be disabled.

PUBG Lite bid farewell to its users at the end of April

The publisher of the game, Krafton, told his fans no exact reason for this situation. In another statement he made on this subject:

We are heartily grateful for the passion and support from the amazing number of PUBG LITE fans. In the tiring times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope PUBG LITE provides our fans with a fun way to stay safe. Unfortunately, after much discussion, we made a difficult decision and decided it was time for our journey to end. We regret to inform you that the PUBG LITE service is scheduled to end on April 29, 2021.. ” gave his statements.

The news that the game will be closed, the game publisher November It came after PUBG Lite announced that it would be completely free to play after removing the in-game currency system. The game was released as a beta in Thailand in January 2019. It was made available in the European region in October of the same year. More attention than anticipated in a short time PUBG Litewas a very popular game in our country.

What kind of experience did PUBG Lite offer?

Game Turkey was made available on 24 May 2019. The game does not differ much from the regular and paid version of PUBG. The Lite version, which offers a very comfortable gaming experience after entering the game, was very pleased with the users.

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