PS5 update introduced 120Hz support to 1080p displays

PS5 update introduced 120Hz support to 1080p displays

Sony, PlayStation 5 shared its first major update for. Update, 1080p for screens 120 Hz out and better HDMI offers control. also PS5 With the update of the company, the new generation console, the games USB Allows storage on the drive.

PS5 update makes it possible to work on 1080p displays

Sony shares a blog in your post PS5 shared information on the details of the upcoming update for According to this PS5 already on compatible TVs 120 Hz with higher refresh rates after update while output is supported 1080p screens will also be able to operate the console. on the other hand HDRDisable video output when using a game or application that does not support. HDR The option to change it to non-existent was also offered.


Update next to it PS5 when the console is turned on, TVYou can choose between individual settings that will turn on and put the console into standby mode when the TV is turned off. HDMI It also allows them to pass. Also Settings You will have the opportunity to see all the followed games by following the path> Saved Data and Game> Application Settings> Manage Followed Games. Thus, the console will allow individual news and unfollow games without users having to go to game centers.

About 900 Quickly disable in-game chat between them in update to MB, search for purchased games, hide games in library and DualSenseIt offers changes in many features such as making modifications to. To update details from here you can reach.

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