Planet Mars leaking water into space

Planet Mars leaking water into space

According to the latest studies of scientists Mars water on the surface, changing season and storms oozing from the atmosphere of the red planet.

The valleys and dried up river beds on the planet Mars indicate that the planet had water flow in the past. As a result of the researches, it is still possible to find water on the red planet, which is thought to be unsuitable for living conditions today. Anna Fedorova and Jean-Yves Chaufray and the work carried out by Ş., sheds light on where this water goes and how it passes through the atmosphere.

Water on the surface of Mars evaporates and seeps into space

Researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Anna Fedorova and French scientist at the Laboratoire Atmospheres Observation Spatiales Jean Yves Chaufray He exhibited a striking work. European Space AgencyUsing data from the team, the team revealed the rate of water disappearing from the planet for millions of years and the source of the leak.

Expressing that there is a lot to say about how Mars lost its water, Fedorova said that ExoMars, who observed the atmosphere of Mars with his teammate Chaufray spice evaluated the data received from their devices. Russian scientist described water vapor in the atmosphere; For over eight Mars years, a region yet to be explored Up to 100 kilometers altitude He expressed that they were examining. About Equivalent to 15 earth years researched data was added.


Water seeps into space from Mars.

Water loss increases in hot seasons

According to the researchers, in the time period when Mars is the furthest from the Sun 400 million kilometers there is a distance. During this period, water vapor in the Martian atmosphere is approximately 60 kilometers was discovered far away. When two planets are closest to each other, 333 million kilometers is the distance; water from the surface 90 kilometers It was recorded in the report as far away as seen.

Mars and Sun The closer they get to each other, the higher the rate of evaporation of water on the planet due to the temperature. In warm seasons, steam can reach greater distances in the atmosphere, and the red planet is to dehydration refers to the time it stops.


Depending on seasonal conditions and storms, the amount of water on Mars varies.

“Waters on the surface of Mars may have moved underground”

In addition to the report examining the water that evaporated from the Martian atmosphere and seeped into space, the researchers The amount of water lost in 4 billion years also explored. Although it is not known how this work is for now, no concrete information has been given to the outside.

However, French researcher Chaufray said he believes there was once a significant amount of water on the red planet. He said that since not all of them evaporated into space, the water was carried underground or the amount of evaporation experienced in the past was much higher.

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