Perseverance took a selfie on Mars - ShiftDelete.Net

Perseverance took a selfie on Mars – ShiftDelete.Net

US Aerospace Agency (NASA)Within the scope of Mars Exploration Program; Perseverance Rover his vehicle landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

Since your launch from Earth For 7 months Perseverance Rover on the way to Mars; After landing, he started to explore, starting from Mars’ Jezero crater. The vehicle that continues to send photos is also on the planet selfie made.

Perseverance posted a photo with himself this time

scientists, after a French mountain near the village of Nontron in the southeast of the country “Mont Mercou” Impressively clear, including the 6-meter-high rock formation they call selfie shared with the whole world.

NASA said in a statement:The team chose Nontron related nicknames for this part of the red planet. Because it also detected nontronite, a type of clay mineral found in Martian orbits and close to Nontron.”Gave place to expressions.

Perseverance the place where the photo was taken was sent to Mars before Curiosity’nin It also draws attention with the fact that it is the point where it pierced the 30th example. After collecting the particles, Curiosity turned them into dust before carefully transferring the sample to the tools inside the navigator. Then on Earth science teamwas analyzing the sample remotely to better understand the state of the rock and if it solved any secrets about Mars’ past.

First flight takes place on Mars

The traveler, with the helicopter, shared the first images after landing. Before sending many vehicles to Mars NASA, this time into the traveler Ingenuity named helicopter placed. This small helicopter will be the first vehicle to fly on another planet.

Completing the integration between the navigator and the helicopter; NASAThe team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL); performing final checks to make sure the system is ready. NASA, Ingenuity‘s test flights; depending on vehicle positioning and other details Engagement announced that it plans to start in the first week of the month.

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