Perseverance achieved its first goal - ShiftDelete.Net

Perseverance achieved its first goal – ShiftDelete.Net

NASA’s Perseverance navigator, 18 Februarycompleted its first test drive since landing on Mars. Perseverance, the agency said on Friday 4 Martin, in and around the landing area 6.5 meter She travelled. First test drive total 33 minutes drove.

Perseverance’s first test drive, once home to an ancient lake Craters Lakein ancient of microbial life It went down in history as the first of many technical tests it had to complete before looking for its signs.

Perseverance’s future goal is to go longer

A mobility test engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Anais Zarifian summarized the test drive that took place as follows;

“This was our first chance to ‘kick the tires’ and take a lap with Perseverance. The traveller’s six-wheel drive system responded perfectly. “Wherever science takes us in the next two years, we are now confident that our propulsion system is good.”

In addition to Agency Perseverance’s Twitter from account,A quick test of my steering wheel and things look good as I get ready to roll. My team and I are eager to take action. Step by step.” shared his note.

Of Perseverance MarsTest drive isn’t the only thing he’s done since his landing in. February 26In, NASA updated Perseverance software and replaced the program that helped it land on Mars with a new program to assist in researching the planet.

More recently, NASA 7 fit long robotic arm for the first time. PerseveranceWhile the mission process continues, the next plan is expressed as calibrating the other components and sending it to a longer distance.

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