Pentagon confirms: UFO images surprised the world

Pentagon confirms: UFO images surprised the world

Jeremy Corbell A documentary producer named, attracted the eyes of the whole world with his post on social media. Hovering over a US navy warship unidentified flying objects it surprised everyone.

Corbell, who posted the images, said that the video was leaked to him; soon Department of Defense spokesperson Sue Gough He confirmed that the photos and videos shared were taken by a Navy staff member.

A short video of about 20 seconds was shot with a night vision camera. Objects in the shape of a triangle or pyramid suspended in the air above the deck of the naval ship can be remembered directly. UFO brought it to be. Pentagon‘s verification of the video, on the other hand, attracted great attention.

The UFO is chasing the US warship!

Filmmaker Corbell’s video USS RussellHe said it was taken in. Stating that the images were recorded in 2019, the documentary director stated that this UFO explaining that they discovered that; of flying objects off the coast of Southern California. US chasing the warship reported. The video Corbell shared on social media is as follows:

PentagonIs conducting a secret investigation into UFOs. Unidentified Weather Events Mission in June for US CongressThe team, who will present a report to ‘, is consolidating the evidence at hand. Photographs and videos featuring the aforementioned naval destroyers and the UFO encounter belong to the reports that will be presented to the congress soon.

It is not yet known why the images were delivered to Jeremy Corbell. But the filmmaker Corbell has been Ufology is known for its projects. Therefore, Corbell is likely to be in contact with a Navy personnel and to obtain the footage.

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