OnePlus Watch features leaked ahead of promotion

OnePlus Watch features leaked ahead of promotion

Official promotion 23 Mart announced to be realized on and OnePlus 9 Will be released with phones OnePlus Watch properties were leaked prior to the introduction. Leak Chinese being the first smart watch to be produced by the company OnePlus Watch general about features and gave information about what to see at the hour.

First information for OnePlus Watch features

For a while OnePlus in 2021 Leaks were falling on the market about their smartphones. Not much detail was disclosed about the company’s smart watch. However, the first smart watch to be produced by the company, OnePlus Watch The first information about their basic knowledge and properties emerged. The information creates an idea of ​​what to expect from the company’s smart watch.


According to the leaked information OnePlus Watch It will be offered in black and silver color options. 46 mm It is unclear whether this will be the only dimension of the dial-sized smart watch or whether a smaller model will be offered to the market. When we look at the features it contains, OnePlus Watch, including exercise detection, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring and stress monitoring health and fitness It will come with its privileges. The watch also has a built-in monitor for blood oxygen level measurement. To SpO2 sensor Will have. IP68 The smart watch, which is also certified, will help you track your swimming performance with its dust and water resistance.

In addition to all this OnePlus Watch It will show notifications from the networked device and allow you to control the music on your phone. 4GB The smart watch, which will have storage space, will also OnePlus TVs will act as a remote control for Battery size In the unknown hour In 20 minutes providing a power Warp Change technology is also among the leaked information.

As the operating system of the clock Google’ın Wear It is not known exactly whether it will use the system or another operating system. However, the watch’s standard and LTE variants of the future and will allow making phone calls are among the claims. It’s less than a week left to see if all these leaks and claims are true.

Source: GSMArena

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