OnePlus 9's Sony IMX789 sensor introduced

OnePlus 9’s Sony IMX789 sensor introduced

OnePlus 9 series To be used in models Sony IMX789 sensor A new promotional video has been released for. 23 Mart’ta The high-end camera sensors that will decorate the upcoming phone family were examined closely.

Eagerly awaited OnePlus 9 your phones Hasselblad Collaboration with the company became official yesterday. In the new series, the team that develops camera systems with a company that has proven itself in the market, Sonyis getting help from. Now the details of the IMX789 sensors to be used here have come to light.

Sony IMX789 will add a completely different atmosphere to the OnePlus family

The 19-second video introducing the Sony IMX789 sensors sat on the technology agenda. Specially prepared equipment 4K video capture at 120FPS it is confirmed that it can. also real-time HDR video processing support was also definite. The sensor we will be reviewing in detail soon dual native ISO, versatile auto focus and it will come with more.

In the expected camera technology DOL-HDR system was used. This is more efficient than standard HDRs; able to capture multiple poses at the same time is known. In addition, this system successfully removes the shadows caused by moving objects.

For Sony IMX789 ultra wide angle camera according to details from video a freeform lens offers. According to the company this aspherical lenses less distortion expresses that he created. The exciting piece of hardware uses a longitudinal dual camera module with dual prisms that redirect light at a 90-degree angle.

In addition to all this, the sensor in the video With 16:11 aspect ratio its future has also been revealed. In this way, on the device 4: 3 photos and 16: 9 video it seems that shooting will be possible. Also IMX789, 12-bit RAW photography also supports.

Sony IMX789 We will have the chance to see the sensor in a more comprehensive way very soon. Device for the first time OnePlus 9 series phones will meet the consumers with. If it’s the release date of the series 23 Mart was announced as.

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