OnePlus 9 series comes with a cheap model

OnePlus 9 series comes with a cheap model

OnePlus CEO‘su is the third and cheaper for the OnePlus 9 series 9R’yi announced. A third phone in the upcoming OnePlus 9 series, News18 with Android Police Confirmed by the company’s CEO in an interview through.

OnePlus 9R is expected to be a gaming phone

OnePlus 9 and 9 ProThe announcement, which came just five days before the full release of the, confirms rumors that OnePlus will announce a cheaper phone in addition to its new flagships. Your phone only IndiaIt is stated that it will be offered to the market.

Röportajda, OnePlus CEO’s Pete Lausince the company is with OnePlus Nord in terms of technology and design “Go further” He states what he wants.

Depending on how closely you follow OnePlus, you can use Nord in Europe and Indiaa mid-range phone located in ABDIt is a budget friendly phone that has been released in. It is not yet clear which part of the price-performance spectrum OnePlus is targeting, but some of Lau’s comments suggest the phone may be closer to the middle class.

The CEO also states that the phone will have 5G, and regarding the 9R, the company said: “Hard game” for “Fast and smooth experiences” expresses that he wants him to provide. “Hassle-free experiences” and “Smooth scrolling” testimonials, as with phones in this budget, OnePlus probably 90Hz or showing that it will have a faster screen. When it comes to the gaming focus of the phone, it’s thought to be more of a marketing focus than a hardware.

The 9R is among other claims that it has a processor Snapdragon 865 from last year.

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