Nitinol could solve the search for life on Mars!

Nitinol could solve the search for life on Mars!

A type of metal that can move on its own NitinolNASA’s next Mars journey may be a beacon of hope for National Aeronautics and Space Administrationto facilitate their exploration on the red planet space age tire technology began to concentrate on it.

Millions of kilometers from Earth, perhaps the last issue NASA will want to deal with is spacecraft tire damage. Engineers who want to overcome this problem and create a more practical exploration vehicle, as flexible as rubber and virtually indestructible airless titanium tires developed. Nitinol The so-called metals will play an important role in humanity’s mission to collect the first intact Martian soil samples.

How will memory metals affect Mars exploration?

In 1971 Apollo 15brought to the moon by Lunar rover tool for astronauts to make exploration more comfortably. wheels made of hollow metal springs that can absorb bumps was developed with. However, most metals lose their shape over time. If it is stretched continuously fragile becomes. NASA wants to avoid such problems altogether, Nitinol’u sees it as a good alternative.

As NASA has seen from previous experiences, in a spacecraft air-filled tires use, exploring natural lands not a useful solution for. Hence in Mars expeditions metal wheels using it is seen as a better way. That’s why the space agency has spent millions of dollars over the past seven years developing Nitinol, a metal alloy made of aluminum.


Nitinol will aid prospects in the search for life on Mars.

Nitinol from nickel and titaniumshows its extraordinary properties through heat. For example, a product made of this material is heated at 500 degrees Celsius to train. Subsequently, it is thrown into cold water. It is bent towards the outside of the shape, then the same heat source is given back and the metal interestingly returns to its original state. In this way, all the rough terrain and difficult conditions that will be encountered during the journey to the red planet will be significantly reduced.

In the next ten years the type of metal with memory We will also hear frequently in our daily life. Even Smart Tire Company using NASA’s Nitinol alloy, a company named a professional bike that never needs to be inflated and unable to leak started to develop. It is thought that the number of such products will increase in the near future.

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