Nintendo President: Switch is half the way

Nintendo President: Switch is half the way

Nintendo Switch 3 Mart 2017It was launched in. Console four years crossing the point, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has made a new debut with Nikkei Business. in the interview Discussed the switch hardware and lifespan. Furukawa, “When the console is past its fifth year and the hardware life cycle is in an extension process, what we should do next is a big issue for our company. said. In addition, the manager added that great care is taken towards Switch owners who continue to use the console.

Nikkei Business, put an end to the manager Nintendo Switch’in He didn’t ask about the redesign rumors, but the interview, NintendoIt reminded us how the company developed new hardware and the company’s approach to innovation. In the resulting speech, he pointed out that depending on how things are done, the life of the console can be further extended.

Nintendo Switch takes great care of its users

Commenting on the life of the console, Furukawa, “Regarding the life span of the Switch, I can say that it is usually in the middle phase. There are a lot of possible games because the Switch can be played as a traditional home console and portable. This is why we can extend the console’s lifecycle “ said.

When Furukawa was asked about development times for hardware, “We always do R&D” he replied. According to Furukawa, the hardware and software development teams are in the same building and are in close communication. Therefore, they can produce new ideas and suggestions.

In the continuation of the interview, Furukawa; “The truth is, you can’t stop, as you have to make every possible preparation to make a console. Ultimately, the decisive factor as to whether something will become a real product is whether it creates a new experience. “Switch’s sales at the moment are very positive and its successes well, but I’m not comfortable with it.” And “Whatever the appeal is, one day people lose interest in the entertainment industry. Until now, we’ve had the experience of our business snubbing over and over again. Therefore, I and the company insiders do not in any way think that the current situation will continue ” he added.

In addition, Furukawa is a yearly “Do or die situation” believes that it is. President, “You have to give new customers fresh surprises and our presence can be uncertain at any moment. I’ve always had this kind of crisis feeling ” he spoke.

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