Nintendo announces new Pokemon-like game

Nintendo announces new Pokemon-like game

Nintendo and Niantic, WITH ‘Pikmin‘is teaming up again for his game. As you remember bseveral years ago, Nintendo and Niantic Labs teamed up to create Pokemon Go and ignite the augmented reality gaming frenzy that is sweeping the world. However, after the time passed, this madness subsided.

Now originally Shigeru Miyamoto Nintendo, a series of puzzle games created by Pikmin With a game based on the series, the two teams will try the same success again.

Pikmin AR game will make walking more enjoyable.

Not much is known about the name of the game yet. Seems like “To encourage walking and to make walking more enjoyable and to include play activities in walking” will be focused on fitness.

Niantic COO‘its Megan QuinnAccording to Niantic, Nintendo’s real-world AR apps The exclusive partner for and the game will be released later this year.

In the announcement made on Nintendo’s Twitter account, What would it be like to have a more fun walking experience surrounded by Pikmin? Explore the real world and create memories with your Pikmin friends in a new mobile app developed by NianticLabs. ” The note was shared. Also in the posted Tweet, a pre-registration link also shared.

New game Niantic Tokyo Studio and the largest of a series of games the two will develop together, according to Nintendo’s press release.

Head of Niantic Tokyo Studio Tatsuo Nomura ise He states in a Tweet that this is an “unconventional” game and cannot be called Pikmin Go.

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