New Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie announced

New Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City movie announced

In recent years, we often see games adapted to movies and TV series. This both makes the stories of the games more meaningful and triggers a commercially important market. Anyway, the actors seem to be glad that their favorite games are a series or a movie. Of course, one of the movies that we are eagerly awaiting its release. the new Resident Evil movie. We haven’t been getting any important information from the movie for a while. The title of the upcoming Resident Evil movie with a statement from the director Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City has been announced, some details have been revealed.

Resident Evil filminin adı: Welcome to Raccoon City

The director of the film, Johannes Roberts, confirmed the title and some details of the film in an interview with IGN. The title of the movie Welcome to Raccoon City confirmed to be. In the interview, the director said Resident Evil 2, released in 1998, was the inspiration for this movie. It is among the important details for the story that the film will take place in 1998 and will tell the first two games of the series. The new movie will not take place in the continuation of the old Resident Evil movies, the story will begin from the beginning.

resident evil: welcome to raccoon city

Since Welcome to Raccoon City will cover the plot of the first two games, we will finally watch the stories of Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Leon Kennedy. One of the points emphasized by the director is that the different character selection feature in the game is reflected in the film in a ‘good way’. What kind of a solution they find about this makes us curious.

The distribution company of the new movie, like the previous ones Sony Pictures Releasing. Considering Sony’s successful steps in the cinema industry in recent years, our expectations are slightly higher.

The expectations of the actors from the new movie are on the story in general. Because we can play the games even if the graphics are bad, but things change when the story is bad. About the visual effects from this movie enough care and expect a good story. Horror and action The movie in its categories has a lot of potential.

To better understand the movie, if you haven’t, you can play the first two Resident Evil games. Already in the first two games remake editions available.

We hope we will see a successful production like the other game adapted productions.

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