New patent from TCL!  Foldable and extendable phone

New patent from TCL! Foldable and extendable phone

TCL has been working on extendable and foldable phone models for a long time. Contrary to all expectations, the Chinese company that produces its own display panels has the possibility to combine these two devices. Judging by the latest patent, TCL is looking to gain an important place in the smartphone market of the future.

Important patent for the foldable and extendable phone market from TCL

It is known that TCL has recently developed a smartphone with an extendable screen. The first prototypes of this phone appeared shortly.

Now, according to the resulting patent, TCL is pursuing a technology that can be both folded and stretched.

Some draft drawings of the resulting patent have emerged. The phone, which has an extendable screen in these sketch drawings, can also be folded in a z-shape.

Whether this petent will turn into reality is a matter of curiosity. However, TCL is expected to appear with an extendable phone at CES 2021.

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Draft drawing of TCL, foldable and extensible screen patent

The extendable screen technology came from Oppo, which left its mark in the smartphone world with its imitations. With this model called Oppo X 2021, it also made a new beginning in the smartphone world.

However, both foldable and extendable phones are still much more expensive than consumers can reach. TCL, on the other hand, has not yet reflected its success in the smart TV world to the phone market.

TCL, which is one of the most important companies in China in panel technology, has the possibility to bring the foldable and extendable screens to more affordable prices. However, we should not forget the example of Samsung here. Samsung, one of the two largest panel manufacturers in the world, could not cut these costs on foldable screens.

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