New patent for typos from Apple

New patent for typos from Apple

US company Appleis working hard to maximize the experience that its users get from their products. The company offers a new development that will improve the typing experience of iPhone users. patent took.

U.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeAccording to the new patent number 10,970,481 received from typos He’s working on a new feature that quickly detects and fixes it.

Apple patent offers a new method for typos

Correct typographic spelling mistakes intelligentlyThe new patent, called “”, quickly corrects typos and helps iPhone users. write speed aims to increase. With this patent, users will have a new method that automatically corrects only the incorrect part of a misspelled word.

iPhones have a built-in word dictionary. This dictionary has an automatic correction tool that can detect spelling errors in many languages, including English and Turkish. However, this new Apple patent, according to the current correction tool to advanced abilities Will have.

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Apple has received a new patent that quickly detects and corrects typos to increase users’ typing speed.

PatentAfter the user enters a string of characters, the character a mistake made in the middle of the sequence allows to define. In the current word correction tool used on iPhones, users all character order can fix. This patent analyzes the character string and detects where the error starts with an advanced built-in dictionary, avoiding the user wasting time.

It is currently unclear when the new patent received by the Apple company will be available. By Apple Skating held on June 28, 2017If it comes to life, it will offer iPhone users an experience that far exceeds the existing auto correction tool.

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