New era at Steam Game Festival

New era at Steam Game Festival

Valve Steam Game Festival‘nin name and start changed its history. The company aims for the festival to reach a wider audience. According to the statement made on the subject on Wednesday; new name of the festival Steam Next Fest was launched as.

Along with the new name, the start date of the festival has also been changed this year. Activity with new changes June 16will begin in and the month 22It will continue until. But Steam Next Fest With the new history of the players will be divided into two. because this video game fair known as E3 also the effectiveness, 15 Junewill begin in.

Steam Next Fest 16 – June 22nd

Valve, your new name “more accurate” He states that he somehow conveys the focal point of the event as a multi-day celebration of the game. In addition, the company has the opportunity to play games, live broadcasts and chat with the people behind these projects. “hundreds of” He states that he will make his demo.

As it is known, the Steam Game Festival, Valve’s The Game Awards server Geoff Keighley It was born of his work with and has since become a regular fixture on the platform.

Finally GDCreturns as a hybrid event in July and Summer Game FestivalWith the return of, in the summer season, Steam Next FestNote that it will not be the only digital show that will attract your attention.

To get more detailed information about the event here you can visit.

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