New development about the iPhone 13 processor: it goes into production

New development about the iPhone 13 processor: it goes into production

Apple, iPhone 13 continues to work on the series at full speed. ADB-based tech giant in the autumn 2021 model smartphones will introduce. New details have emerged about the processors that will power the highly anticipated new iPhone family.

iPhone 13 series will be powered by A15 chipset

According to allegations TSMC semiconductor maker named Apple in May A15 chipset will start working for. After the production is completed, these processors will enter our lives with the iPhone 13s. So what will the new iPhones promise in terms of performance?

Apple’s A15 According to the chip reports 5nm It will continue to be produced using technology. There will not be much difference with the previous generation A14 processors. But TSMC A series of improvements in power consumption and heat will surely make it as it will improve process technology.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 A15 will be powered by the processor

Apple company developed by itself 5G network band iPhone 13 series models will not be able to use. Allegedly the company just used this tape iPhone 15 will be released with the series. So this year’s iPhones Qualcomm It will come with tapes provided by.

LTPO screen move from Apple

The iPhone 13 series will undergo a number of changes, according to rumors. Notch Even if it does not disappear completely, it is claimed that there will still be some minor touches. This will add additional points to the new iPhones in terms of design. On the other hand, not only the notch structure of the new series will change. In addition, the display panel to be used by the device will also offer an advanced experience. Apple’s new phones this year OnePus 9 Pro comes with LTPO will support the screen.

Developed by Samsung LTPO screen; 1 with 120Hz supports adaptive refresh rate between. Thus, the new generation of iPhones power consumption will also significantly reduce.

That’s all the information about the iPhone 13 right now. So what do you expect from Apple’s new phones? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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