New details shared about OnePlus Watch

New details shared about OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch It is now days to meet with. 23 Mart in the history of OnePlus 9 will be introduced with the flagship phone family smart watch has ambitious technical features. The first concrete details about the device have now been confirmed by the company’s CEO.

Will be introduced on the same day as the smart watch OnePlus 9 series giving consumers more details already. The model that broke a record by taking more than 2 million pre-orders Samsung LTPO It will be the world’s first phone with a screen. 120Hz Swedish camera manufacturer in device with refresh rate Hasselblad lenses developed by On the phone Snapdragon 888 A special cooling system will be used, which will significantly increase the chipset and user performance. But what are the highlights of OnePlus Watch? That question has finally found an answer!

OnePlus Watch comes with over 110 training modes

OnePlus CEO’su Pete Lau He shared the first official details about the expected smart watches with his followers. In the post published by the company founder on his Twitter account, the expected device It will support more than 110 exercise modes transferred.

He also included some of these modes in the short animation video included in the tweet. Walk, swimming, bike, running, cricket, badminton, halter, bale, free training and shooting The illustration images of sports such as sports attracted attention.

To make a small comparison, many smartwatch products today provide support for various sports modes. Amazfit GTR 2, Huawei Watch Fit and Honor Watch UK such devices have over 80 special modes. But OnePlus Watch It aims to leave all these devices behind.

OnePlus Watch

Some features of the OnePlus Watch, which will be released on March 23, were shared before the launch.

Other features of the OnePlus Watch

Previous leaks gave us various clues about the OnePlus Watch. According to these claims, the device will be available in black and silver color options. 46 mm dial size watch sleep monitoring, heart rate tracking and stress control It will provide features such as.

To measure the oxygen level in the blood a resident SpO2 sensor will be used. With IP68 certification future OnePlus Watch dust and water resistance will show. In this way swimming It will be used comfortably in water-based sports such as.

All this and more Tuesday, March 23 We will be able to verify it at the launch of the OnePlus Watch, which will be introduced with the OnePlus 9 series.

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