New claim on Samsung Note series

New claim on Samsung Note series

A new claim has been made about the new Note series, which many users are eagerly awaiting. According to the report published by Bloomberg, one of the biggest problems of 2021, due to the chip supply, this year Samsung Note series will not be produced.

Samsung claims that it will not release the Note series in 2021

Due to Qualcomm’s chip manufacturing problem in the past weeks Snapdragon chips It was announced that he had difficulty producing. For this reason, it was stated that Samsung also faced some obstacles in smartphone production.

New claim on Samsung Note series

Allegedly Samsung Mobile Manager Koh Dong-jinmade new statements at the annual shareholders meeting. Referring to the chip supply issue, Dong-jin said, “We continue to have problems due to the disruption of the supply / demand balance for semiconductors. For this reason, we will not launch the Note series in the second half of 2021. “He used expressions.

The Samsung Note series is liked by many users for its S Pen support. Of the company S 21 Ultra also to the model S Pen support bringing it was welcomed by the users.

Some analysts stated that the new Note series will be delayed because the S Pen can be used with the Samsung S21 Ultra. In addition, analysts said that the company will release it every 2 years as the company changes strategy regarding the Note series.

Samsung’un A52 and A72 It is expected to introduce its models this week. For this reason, it is thought that the company will put more effort into the middle segment device. It is also among the claims that the foldable models expected to be released with flagship processors will be postponed.

Analysts predict that a new model will be released for Samsung Note fans in 2022. Stating that models with low sales numbers are also likely to be delayed, analysts state that companies will make radical decisions on production.

The Samsung Tab S7 Lite, whose introduction date was leaked a few days ago, has not been announced yet. It is among the claims that the new Tab S7 model will not be introduced this year.

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