New battery move from Apple for iPhone 13

New battery move from Apple for iPhone 13

According to allegations from a trusted tech analyst iPhone 13 serisi going for a change in the battery system. Apple’s efficiency-focused improvements Thanks to the devices, they will serve their users with longer-lasting batteries.

The allegations belong to the trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo recently told us IPhone models to be released by 2023 He shared a lot of information about him. Apple’s later years monolithic camera design when he said he would adopt; also in iPhone 12 7P lens sensor He added that he would apply it to the cameras of all his future devices.

Kuo’s biggest surprise is that in 2023 the company will finally bring its consumers. with periscope lenses He had the good news that he would meet. Before this news has cooled down, brand new claims have now come from the analyst! We’ll meet towards the end of the year iPhone 13 devices We got a lot of information about.

Claim: iPhone 13 phones will have larger batteries

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, it will be released in the second half of the year. iPhone 13 models will be more economical in interior design. Thanks to this, new devices compared to the iPhone 12 series larger battery capacities will contain. Therefore, Kuo emphasizes that the iPhone 13 will be heavier than previous versions. While thinking that the SIM card slot will be integrated with the main card; He predicts that the thickness of the front optical modules will be reduced.

To remind iPhone 12 device 2815 mAh had battery capacity. 12 Pro modeli 2815 mAh while having the battery; 12 Pro Max if 3687 mAh contained batteries. The new devices, which are expected to be released in September this year, will come with batteries that are more powerful than all of them, according to estimates.

iPhone 13

Also to be used in series new display technologies It can also help extend battery life. iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max devices With ProMotion system While it is estimated that it was developed; in case of need High refresh rate of up to 120 Hz This piece of hardware that provides maintaining battery health known to vary automatically for Depending on the mobility on the screen, the system automatically switches to a lower refresh rate. energy consumption taking control.

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