Netflix has updated the design of the kid profile!

Netflix has updated the design of the kid profile!

Appealing to customers with content suitable for all ages Netflixalso produces special productions for children. The digital broadcasting platform that completely leaves the control to parents password protection It also gives the opportunity. Thus, children cannot watch TV series and movies without their parents’ knowledge.

His productions for young audiences Child Profile Netflix has updated this area. To the home screen ‘My favorites’ added tab. In addition, the company renewed the design of the profile, and made some additions that will attract more attention of children.

Netflix will highlight children’s favorite content

Netflix has made the interface of the child profile more remarkable with the new update it released for its smart TV application. Now children watch the most 5 content It will appear on the home screen. Netflix alone will not highlight the content in this area only with its name and image. In the cartoon a representative character will also place it on the home screen.

For example, the animated children’s series that the platform started broadcasting in 2016. Word Party, beloved characters “Lulu” with on the main screen. Of course, this depends on what the content is and what character it is known for.

Netflix kid profile

Netflix Kids Profile will now be like this.

The Favorites tab will not only cover Netflix originals. The company has purchased the publishing rights and added to the content library. to licensed productions will also be included. In addition, when the user hovers over the character with the remote, the trailer of the relevant content will start playing automatically. Those who do not want to watch trailers are in Netflix settings. automatic preview They will be able to turn off the option.

Netflix child profile his update for smart TV made available in the application. It did not make any changes on mobile and computer. A statement came from the authorized names on the subject. Product Manager Responsible for Children and Family Michelle Parsons Regarding the reasons for making the update, “A production is best known by children. through characters We wanted to represent. ” said.

Child profile has more advanced features compared to previous years

Netflixcontinuously improves its children’s profile, where it includes special content for younger viewers. With the update made in December, the company Kids Activity Report It had added a feature called. The new tool, which enables children to understand data such as what kinds of content they like and which characters they like, has increased parental control.

Besides the children’s profile Netflix It also offers the opportunity to protect each content with a special password. In this way, the parent locks the content that their child doesn’t want to watch, keeping it away from it.

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