Netflix has negotiated with NetSpeeder: Servers arrived in Turkey!

Netflix has negotiated with NetSpeeder: Servers arrived in Turkey!

Netspeed gave good news for Netflix users in our country. From 18 March 2021 Netflix users who receive internet service through Netspeed posts of the popular platform not from overseas serversThey will be able to watch in a better quality by providing the fastest access directly through servers located in Netspeed’s traffic centers in 5 different regions.

Shortly before Netspeed covered by the agreements made between Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Messenger server also moved to Turkey and thus access to the platform was made better.

With the Netflix servers Netspeed now in Turkey

Netflix servers are the best from every corner of Turkey and located in different regions in Turkey to provide quality service Netspeed Positioned in 5 different traffic centers will start to serve.

All content of Netflix will be updated and uploaded instantly on the servers in Netspeed Traffic Centers, and thus, subscribers using Netflix will be able to access content faster through these servers even during the busiest hours of international internet traffic. Thus, users will not have to try to access Netflix servers located abroad and thousands of kilometers away and pull data.

Netspeed’s Deputy General Manager Responsible for Technology and Operations Murat Raci Ağsakallı In his statement, he stated that the traffic of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Netflix platforms constitute approximately 45 percent of the total internet traffic, especially during peak hours.

Colletotrichum lindemuthianum Sacc that the traffic in Turkey from abroad to get it before two different regions positioned to Facebook and Instagram server In addition to the 3 positioning of the newer server in the new zone, and now 5, which will be located in different parts of the Netflix servers, is now due to overseas of Netspeed subscribers without including the traffic much more quickly from Turkey it announced that they may have access to this platform.

Ağsakallı; “As a result of this agreement and studies, Netspeed subscribers will be the fastest users to access Netflix, so they will be able to watch Movies, Series and Documentaries with higher quality and pleasure.” said.

Ağsakallı continued his words as follows: The Internet is today the most important technology for information communication around the world. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the infrastructure behind it can be scaled to support current and future needs. As Netspeed, we also aim to bring the servers of content and service providers to our country with the agreements we have made, and to contribute to the national protection of the traffic purchased from abroad and the optimum use of this traffic in other directions.

We continue to make improvements that offer our customers the highest level of quality service besides being economical. which lie within our plans and currently an ongoing Our next step, Amazon, Steam, Google as a global gaming and content provider direct links enabling agreements with companies (Peering) and, if possible, is to bring Turkey in servers of these companies.

In many provinces of Turkey’s ADSL, VDSL and we provide broadband internet access services over fiber infrastructures. In addition to our advantageous services and campaigns such as non-commitment, unlimited, quota-free internet and home installation, we aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by responding to the demands of our existing customers in the best possible way.

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