Netflix announces additional support package against the epidemic

Netflix announces additional support package against the epidemic

The second phase of the ‘COVID-19 Cinema and Television Sector Support’ created by Netflix, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and Cinema and Television Union for the employees behind the camera is starting.

The 4 million TL resource created by Netflix within the scope of the support, the first phase of which was completed in June 2020, was shared with industry employees who were determined to meet the application criteria.

Netflix supports behind-the-scenes workers affected by the epidemic

Behind-the-scenes employees who cannot get support at the first stage will benefit from the newly created 2 million TL additional resource. The management and distribution of the support will be undertaken by İKSV and the Cinema Television Union, as in the previous stage.

No new applications will be received for the second phase, which is planned to start in March. Only sector employees who have made applications that meet the required criteria at the first stage but cannot receive support due to reaching the budget limit will benefit from the support.

With the completion of this phase, the total support of 2500 TL per person provided to behind-the-scenes employees will approach 6 million TL.

“Covidien-19 Film and Television Sector Support to freelancers adversely affected by the cessation of behind-the-camera productions throughout Turkey, including the employees were admitted. In this context, there are employees working in many different units including camera, light, sound, art management, make-up, costume design and transportation.

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