NASA shares the first acoustic laser sound from Mars

NASA shares the first acoustic laser sound from Mars

NASA, Perseverance by spacecraft Mars over acoustic laser sound recorded and shared. The sound of a laser strike from the spacecraft on rocks on the Martian surface was recorded. The audio recording sent to the world after the recording was shared for 15 seconds.

In the sound recorded with the SuperCam device, laser sound of different heights is heard. It was stated that a total of 30 strokes were recorded, and that important information about Mars could be obtained from the rock sample. This information will provide information on hardness, weather conditions and physical composition.

Mars makes announcement for acoustic laser sound

In the sound recording shared by NASA, the sound of the laser shot can be heard easily. In the short-term recording, the sound of the laser hitting the rock is heard at different heights and tones. It is stated that the sound recorded by the microphone on the spacecraft was recorded on March 2.

Scientists will use the record in their search for the geology of Mars. Because Mars from the surface acoustic laser sound, seen as valuable data about the physical structure of the planet. For this reason, NASA also released the following audio recording. In the additional recording, it was shared that a rock was shot at a distance of 3.1 meters.

NASA’s research on the Martian surface continues. Perseverance, which caused great excitement to the scientific world when it landed on the surface of Mars, was launched on July 30, 2020 and landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

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