NASA series from Lego: Complete 2,354 pieces

NASA series from Lego: Complete 2,354 pieces

Lego, the first space shuttle flight 40th anniversary and the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope 31st anniversary celebrating. In this context, Lego introduced the Space Shuttle Discovery and Hubble Telescope set. The company includes the telescope Space Shuttle Discovery kit He worked with NASA to create it.

Space Shuttle Discovery Kit is on sale on April 1

Adult 2.354 fragmented structure, of the truth 1:70 scale stands out as a model. DiscoveryThis version of a functional landing gear, cargo compartment doors, heights and rudder It draws attention as a model full of details.

You can hold the telescope in the cargo compartment of the shuttle or position it separately with the extended solar panel. Shuttle and telescope each, the Hubble Telescope April 1990‘gives Discoverystarted in STS-31 He has stands and plates containing important data from his mission.

Especially popular with its adult models, Lego’s collaboration with NASA seems to excite space enthusiasts. How did you find this model of Lego, which consists of thousands of pieces, with a space theme?

Finally, NASA Space Shuttle Discovery kit From April 1 $ 200 with price tag on sale Let us state that it will be presented.

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