Mustafa Varank Announced: Oppo started test production in Tuzla

Mustafa Varank Announced: Oppo started test production in Tuzla

Phone sales in China 26 percent per year OPPO, which has become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market by increasing its rate, is also increasing its investments outside the country. Announced in December, will begin production in Turkey, describing the phone OPPO, Turkey has started trial production at the plant. The statement came from Minister Mustafa Varan.

OPPO factory in Turkey making an explanation about Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank He said he visited the factory, oppo that begin trial production facility established in Turkey conveyed.

OPPO Turkey factory began trial production

Minister Mustafa Varank, in his statement on his Twitter account, stated that the interest of global brands in our country is increasing day by day. OPPO to Turkey “Welcome!” The Minister of Industry and Technology, who gave the message, “OPPO Smart phone manufacturer, has established the CKD system began trial production at its factory in Turkey.” said.

Stressing that the process of Turkey’s pandemic Varank separated from other countries, he said:

“Turkey; It is Europe’s production base for durable consumer goods such as automotive, white goods and furniture. Turkey international investors who invest in both production quality as well as commitments to perform timely point always benefited from that trust. We have seen the most concrete example of this during the pandemic process. Many international companies, increased their output in other countries When restricting in Turkey.

The world’s giant smart phone manufacturers to start making investments in Turkey should be considered in this context. Similar investments of global companies, which have a say especially in medium-high and high technology products, will increasingly continue in the upcoming period. We are making an intense effort under the leadership of our President to create the necessary investment environment. Gains investing in Turkey. These investments made in the field of smart phones will also contribute to the formation of important competencies in our country. Our new local technology supplier companies will thus be included in the ecosystem. “

Turkey’s brought for the purpose of supporting domestic production Additional taxes on smartphones under $ 200 Following its arrival, Chinese origin smart phone giants, especially OPPO, announced that they would start manufacturing in our country. OPPO, Turkey will perform on-site production factory CKD sistemiyle designed.

CKD production system that makes it possible for all parts to be completely disassembled and assembled and thus easily assembled at the facility. automobile and electronics is frequently used in production.

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OPPO factory in Turkey with relevant, OPPO Turkey General Manager Weijia Zhou said that had previously used the following phrases:

“OPPO, the promise he had made to the local community for some time as part of a thought to make more investments in Turkey. After having positive meetings with officials from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Commerce, we hope to share more information about our investment decision soon. On this occasion, we would like to thank President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Trade for their efforts and positive support. “

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